Porn firm offers virtual reality ‘sex education’ to help ladies become better lovers

Production company wants women to strap on helmets and enjoy simulated encounters with strapping hunks. It’s no secret that most of the people who watch naughty videos online are men.

But now one American porn firm wants women to strap on a virtual headset and enjoy “educational” simulated encounters with strapping young hunks. BaDoinkVR, a company which describes itself as “the world’s premiere destination for adult virtual reality entertainment”, has teamed up with a top sex educator for a new sex series called Virtual Sexology II: What Women Want. The “cutting edge experience” is designed to offer lessons in how to “enhance sexual pleasure and performance—both solo and with partners”.

It allows women to put on a VR helmet and disappear into a world where well-hung men are always on hand to deliver a foot rub – and perform all manner of other sex acts too.

The sex scenes are filmed from the woman’s perspective, allowing ladies to imagine they are involved in the action.

To mark the launch, the porn firm behind the scheme is also giving away thousands of “Trinity Peanut Bullet Vibe” sex toys.

“We recognised that women tend to have different a mindset compared to men when it comes to adult VR,” Dinorah Hernandez, director at BaDoinkVR, told The Sun Online.

“With Virtual Sexology II, we strive to appeal to a large demographic of women that have been widely ignored by the adult industry.”

Sexologist Dr Holly Richmond worked on the development of the VR porn scheme.

Her day job involves helping to solve issues around “low and absent libido, desire discrepancies in couples, compulsivity issues with sex and pornography, recovery from sexual assault and abuse, alternative sexual lifestyles, and those working or who have worked in the adult industry”.

“Virtual Sexology is a progressive concept that offers a wide-variety of positive sexual health applications in an informative and entertaining way,” she said.

“Women’s desire and arousal are unique to men’s and extremely varied, so our approach with this endeavour was to explore not only what women want, but also how they want it.”

Virtual reality pornography is becoming increasingly popular and could be available in thousands of European hotels room within six months.

A different porn firm recently called on men to strap on headsets to spice up romps with their wives

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