Sexology Podcast with Dr. Moali – Sexbots: Creepy or Healthy?

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Originally published @ Sexology Podcast with Dr. Moali


A little reflection….

Why is sextech so exciting right now? This is our first step into somatic (body-based) technology. We are moving from something we hold to something we wear—the technology, and thus our sexuality, is more a piece of us than ever. Immersive technologies like VR, AR, MR, teledildonics and intimate companions facilitate experiential knowledge and connection through kinesthetic learning and eye contact that engenders competency, agency and mastery. People can try things with immersive technologies they may not try IRL. I believe my job, maybe even my mission, is to communicate to any industry that is interested in relationships, sex and intimate connection that they can’t miss this opportunity for enormous change and positive influence. How we connect intimately and sexually with others as well as ourselves will be dramatically different in five years, and astonishing, almost certainly mind-blowing in 20.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How Dr. Holly became interested in sex tech
  • Developments happening with teledildonic
  • Using sexbots as part of sexual health treatment
  • The pros and cons of using sexbots
  • Understanding that sexbots are an addition and not replacement to your sex life
  • How can we use healthy eroticism in our sex lives?
  • Ways in which defects can affect couples’ agreements and relationships
  • Best places to start when researching into using teledildonic

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