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Sex, Secrets & Lies (oh my!)

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What do we hide from others about sex?

What do our Google searches reveal about who we really are and what we really want from sex?

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz looked into the data on America’s Google habits and found ‘there are more gay men in the closet than we think; that many men prefer overweight women to skinny women but are afraid to act on it; that married women are disproportionately worried their husband is gay; that a lot of straight women watch lesbian porn; and that porn featuring violence against women is more popular among women than men.’

What does this say about our national consciousness? And where do these secret desires take us into the future?

Can technology like Virtual Reality provide a safe space to explore your darkest and deepest desires in the future?

How about those who have always had to hide who they are… what’s it like to find love while hiding your career as a CIA intelligence officer? How do you reveal your queerness in your black community?

Join Future of Sex in a ground-breaking panel exploring hidden worlds, featuring:

  • Yael Eisenstat, former CIA Intelligence officer
  • Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, author of New York Times bestseller Everybody Lies, contributing op-ed to NYT and former Google Data scientist
  • Dr Holly Richmond, sex therapist and curriculum designer of VR sex course for women, Virtual Sexology II
  • Darius Journigan, actor, The Sex Myth

From dating in the CIA to fantasy VR worlds to being queer and black in America today, join us for a discussion on the lies and secrets many of us keep about sex.


Sex, Secrets & Lies (oh my!)

New York City, August 14th 7 PM

Fifth House

198 North 4th,

Williamsburg, NY 11211

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