Meet Desire: The App Using AI To Spice up Your Valentine’s Day

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Can A.I. provide new ways for couples to communicate better their needs and desires?

How can technology serve human-human couples from an intimate and sensual point of view?

Can we use innovation to spice up this Valentine’s Day?

Often times, when we think about romantic relationships and artificial intelligence the first thing that comes to mind is human-robot relationships. Ex-Machina and HER may trigger both curiosity as well as fear of what these developments could mean for humanity (thanks Hollywood!) However, AI is already present in many aspects of our relationships in a much subtler way. Dating apps utilize AI to help singles “swipe right” on what it recognized as your “best matches”, hoping they will build a long-lasting connection, or at least have some fun. AI can also predict whether a couple will stay together with a 79.3% accuracy by recording and analyzing the cadence, tone, length of intervention, etc while the couple has a conversation.

Marta Plaza and her team at Desire Technologies decided to capitalize on AI to enhance and facilitating healthy, long-lasting, and may I say spicier relationships. Desire app is a love game for couples that aims to enhance date nights through real-life, sexy “challenges” that help strengthen human-human relationships.

At Desire, AI serves human-human couples from an intimate, sensual and communicative point of view. Their technology analyzes how the human brain thinks, decides, and behaves while playing and communicating with a partner, and then uses the outcomes of this analysis as the basis for developing intelligent game dynamics that can predict what the partner might want at a specific time, maybe some words of encouragement or some sweet messages.

Apps like Desire help couples begin what can sometimes be an awkward conversation: the necessity to manufacture spontaneity, novelty and desire in one’s sex life. This is especially helpful for couples who have been together for a long time and need to be intentional about playfulness in their intimate lives, as could also serve newer couples who might feel shy about bringing up fantasy or certain desires.  When couples are busy or overwhelmed with their day to day, it could be very helpful to have a resource that can help build anticipation, as well as jog and inspire their erotic minds. Desire can help people stay erotically engaged and there is much evidence to support that gamification helps in behavior change – why not in the bedroom?, says Shula Melamed, MA MPH, Relationship and Wellbeing Coach.

At A Time When Long-term, Monogamist, Relationships Seem Unattainable, AI Comes To The Rescue

It’s been well-researched that couples that have sex with a frequency that both partners estimate as satisfactory – whether that’s 4 times a week or 2 a month – experience benefits like increased overall happiness and wellbeing, developing a stronger bond with the partner, and a higher likelihood of staying together. However, cultivating this balance is one of the trickiest challenges, as long-term partners juggle responsibilities and obligations.

Love relationships are wonderful and sometimes we forget to take care of them and enjoy them. Plaza, says “it’s important to play and make the time to enjoy each other. The app enhances communication with your partner and gives you tools and ways to connect in real life, discovering desires together and creating great spicy and romantic memories. It’s a way to remember how important your relationship is. Our wish is to make happier relationships!”

Generally, there is a negative bias, a sense that technology will interfere with authenticity and create a literal barrier—our screens—in our ability to connect intimately. Many couples I work with complain about this. From this perspective, AI is a double-edged sword—it can be the cause of people feeling more isolated and less intimately capable (Millennials are having less sex than any generation in recorded history, if you haven’t heard), but it can also be the cure, says Holly Richmond,  Ph.D., Psychologist and Sex and Relationship Therapist.

Novelty is the seat of human desire and arousal which presents a big opportunity for AI, as it has the ability to facilitate adventure and playfulness in long-term relationships. “I appreciate that Desire helps couples feel connected, integrating novelty through games and actions. AI will best serve human to human relationships if it is used as an augmentation for intimacy, not a replacement for it ”, added Richmond.

In a time where we might feel more isolated than ever, it’s time for the next tech wave: Augmented intimacy .

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