(Men’s Health) We’re not saying you should try these at the gym. But if you have these lying around at home, it couldn’t hurt to try ’em out in private.

No one talks about it, but it’s actually pretty normal to get sexually aroused at the gym. After all, when you exercise, your body releases endorphins, a.k.a. feel-good hormones; and when you’re looking at other sexy, sweaty bodies on the treadmills, it’s hard not to feel a little turned on. But while it’s obviously not a good idea to actually have sex at the gym (there are, ya know, laws against that), it might not be such a bad idea to bring the gym into your bedroom.

What do we mean by this? As it turns out, you can easily (and safely) incorporate exercise equipment into your sex life, says licensed marriage and family therapist and AASECT certified sex expert, Dr. Holly Richmond, PhD. While heavy equipment like barbells or kettlebells is obviously off the table (save it for a CrossFit workout), there are probably a few things lying around the house that you could use to spice up your sex life instantly. That’s why we asked Richmond to recommend her favorite sex positions using gym equipment, so you can break a sweat in more ways than one.

1. The Wheelbarrow and Reverse Wheelbarrow

“Using a TRX band ($34.95 for a set, buy it here) is a great way to try the wheelbarrow position with two variations,” Dr. Richmond says. What’s that? “Imagine your partner in a plank position, but her feet are in the foot cradles and suspended by the bands. Then, kneel behind without needing to support her legs, and instead use your hands to guide her hips back and forth. It’s kind of like wheelbarrow meets doggy style,” she adds.

Another option: your partner can get in reverse plank with her feet in the foot cradles and her legs suspended, which would give you full access to her breasts and clitoris, she says.

“Both of these positions are also perfect for her to receive oral sex (and she gets a great core and arm workout!),” Dr. Richmond adds. You can also keep her legs close together for more friction, or spread them apart to achieve deeper penetration, she adds.

2. The Christian Grey

If you’re on the kinkier side, TRX bands are also great for those who want to experiment with being tied up. TRX bands are incredibly safe, says Dr. Richmond. “At no point is anyone ever completely off the floor (her hands are always grounded) so there is no risk of falling,” she explains.

Using TRX bands to tie your partner up, or have your partner tie you up, “can bring a level of intimacy and excitement to any relationship looking to explore the sensual world of BDSM,” says Jaclinne Cheng, a kink expert and CEO and founder of Spicy Lingerie. Just make sure to set boundaries and get enthusiastic consent from your partner beforehand. “Setting up the proper safeguards beforehand is one of the most important parts of making any scene fun and enjoyable for everyone involved,” she says.

You should also do your research before trying any intricate knot tying (and no, that doesn’t mean consulting with a Boy Scout). “It’s always helpful to learn from professional doms or BDSM masters, who can help guide you and your partner to make sure any knots you are wanting to try are done in the most safe way possible for both of you,” Chengs adds.

3. The Ab Ripper

If you’re looking for more beyond wheelbarrow, Dr. Richmond has a few other tips. “TRX bands are also ideal for doing pike abdominal exercises, which translate to an incredibly sexy visual,” she says. Your partner would start out in a traditional plank position with feet in the foot cradles, but then use her core and pelvic floor muscles to push her hips toward the ceiling and bring her feet towards her hands in a V shape,” says Dr. Richmond.

4. Girl on Top Using a Stability Ball

“Stability balls are perfect for exciting and safe sex positions, but they are also one of the most unstable pieces of gym equipment, which makes falling to the floor more probable,” says Dr. Richmond. Don’t worry, though — “there isn’t far to fall and they are soft and malleable, so the risk of banging your head or knee is nonexistent,” says Dr. Richmond.

To ease your way into sex escapades with stability balls, start with girl on top, she advises. Basically, you sit on the ball and she climbs on top. “Both partners are able to use their feet to create momentum,” she says, where the ball helps increase his thrust, and then they can literally bounce across the floor.

5. Crescent Pose

“Stability balls are also amazing for what I like to call the ‘Crescent’ position,” says Dr. Richmond. “She lies with her back on the ball and drapes or backbends over it to create a crescent shape. From there, he can stand and enter her or kneel and perform oral sex. It’s an amazingly opening position for her, from the tips of her fingers to her toes.”

6. The Bouncy-Bouncy

What’s more, stability balls are also a novel way for guys to receive oral sex. “He sits on the ball while she kneels between his legs, and he can use his feet to rock the ball back and forth at the pace and depth of thrust he desires,” she explains.

7. The Tour de France

Biking is a killer workout, but your stationary bike doesn’t just have to be for exercise. As long as you’re careful and the bike is stable, says Dr. Richmond, you can get frisky on it, though she notes “it is possible to fall a foot or two and the equipment itself is hard,” she explains. She recommends you sitting on the bike seat while she sits on top of you, leaning back with her hands or elbows on the display/handle bar area.

“This gives you a great view of her breasts,” she says. Plus, if you’re pedaling, “the friction creates a novel sensation both internally and clitorally for her,” she says.

8. The Yogi

The tried and true yoga mat is good for almost any position you can imagine. “My favorite yoga posture that translates into a sex position is ‘Happy Baby,’ with her laying on her back on the floor with her feet in her hands and knees pulled toward her chest as he kneels or lies on his stomach in front of her to offer oral sex,” says Dr. Richmond.

Easy access and the comfort of a soft and non-slippery yoga mat make for an exciting experience, she says. (Just give it a thorough wash before and after, because yoga mats are filled with germs.)

9. The Hot Seat

Got a foam roller handy? (If not, here are a few foam rollers to try out.) Dr. Richmond says you can sit on the foam roller (both legs to one side, not straddling it) while she sits on top of you with her back to your chest. This way, you’ll have some leverage off the floor to then use your feet to roll back and forth for a deeper penetration.

“She can keep her feet lifted off the floor (literally using him as a seat), or place her feet on the floor between his legs and move up and down on his penis while he rolls back and forth, creating even more pleasure,” explains Dr. Richmond. The options are endless.

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