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5 Reasons Sex Is Better on Vacation

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Ah, vacation. Whether you’re soaking up sun on the beach, exploring a new city, or trekking your way up a mountain, a time-out from your usual routine is just so damn good for the mind and body.

But there’s one vacation health benefit we want to put the spotlight on: better sex. Getting it on when you’ve gotten away from it all feels adventurous and exciting; it’s like hitting refresh and giving you license to try out new moves and indulge in longer, lazier, more connected action. We’ve rounded up all the ways vacation sex is the best sex—and after you’ve finished reading, you might realize it’s time to book a room out of town. Happy travels!

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You’re more relaxed

Stress is the archenemy of great sex. Once you’re free from the usual stressors in your life, your brain and body can chill out—and that takes your sex life to the next level. Being relaxed helps in another way too: It allows you to be more tuned in to your partner rather than mentally miles away, with deadlines and other pressures cycling through your head.

“When you’re on vacation, you’re more able to be present because you’re not distracted by work or other responsibilities,” says Holly Richmond, PhD, a Los Angeles-based relationship and sex therapist. “You have this extra space emotionally that you can devote to having fun and being with your partner, which of course makes for better sex.”

You have a lot more time

After a long and taxing workday, and then your responsibilities on the home front, it can be tough for partners to get pumped about sex later in the evening. The result? You either skip it altogether—or get it on and wish you were sleeping instead.

Being away lets you have sex off the clock whenever and for how long you want. “At home we tend to follow a routine, but on vacation, all bets are off,” says Richmond. “We can experiment with different times of the day that feel best for us instead of getting pushed into having sex in the evening.” If you’re morning people, wake your SO up for some energizing a.m. sex. Rather get up and out first thing? Sneak away from the pool at 3 p.m. for a roll in the hay instead.

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A new environment is exciting

When it comes to amazing sex, it’s all about keeping things novel. “When we go on vacation, even if it’s to a place we’ve been before, our surroundings are different, we feel different, the air is different,” says Richmond. “Just bringing all of that novelty into our sexual experience can heighten things and make sex more exciting.”

While you’re on vacay, take advantage of all the things your new surroundings have to offer, like an outdoor shower or a balcony shielded from public view. Getting sexy in new spaces will force you to get creative with positions.

You’re feeling adventurous

Traveling to a new place automatically comes with a sense of adventure. You’re seeing new things, eating new foods, hearing new languages. Don’t be surprised if your newfound desire to explore carries over into the bedroom. It’s the right opportunity to say to your partner, “I’ve been wanting to try X in bed and now is the perfect time to do it.”

Richmond says she often tells her clients to capitalize on this newness and excitement. “I always advise couples to bring sex toys they’ve been wanting to try on a trip,” she tells Health. “Just buy it, stick it in your bag, and bring it on vacation.” Simple as that.

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You feel closer to your partner

It takes a certain amount of comfort to go away with a partner, and even the simplest travel tasks can translate into a deeper bond. “Sometimes just navigating the airport and getting where you need to go makes you feel like you’re a team and like your partner has got your back,” says Richmond. “Vacations where there are treks or expeditions like bungee jumping or zip lining have even more potential to bring you closer together and make you feel extra connected.” And of course, the closer you feel, the more likely it is that you’ll have closer, more meaningful sex.

You dress to impress

Here’s something you may not have realized: “People tend to dress sexier on vacation,” says Richmond. “Most people don’t bring their old, comfy clothes on a trip.” Sure, appearances aren’t everything, but you might be extra turned on when you see your partner looking his or her best during your vacay—whether he’s on the beach in board shirts or decked out in black tie.

The visual appeal of a new or more revealing outfit goes both ways. “Stop saving your sexy lingerie for a special occasion,” says Richmond. “This is the perfect time to put it on.” Pro tip: leave your comfy sweats out of your carry on. Chances are your SO already sees you in those every night.

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