Considered pioneers in bridging the gap between sexual health education and entertainment, we look at what’s next on the near and far horizons of technosexuality.

This comprises research and experience utilizing Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), teledildonics and emergent sexual aids including mechanized sex dolls (sexbots). By investigating the influences of emergent technology on sexual health, we identify how these developments affect individual satisfaction and intimate relationships, from dating apps to long-term partnerships.

Our reach is comprehensive and serves as a link between industries including mental health, sex therapy, adult entertainment, integrative wellness, academia, pharmaceuticals, sexuality and disability, research and technology. With our breadth of knowledge and real-world involvement, we lend expertise to a significant and rapidly evolving arena that few are investigating. The Next-Sex platform (including forthcoming book) is the culmination of our research and contribution to this field, and sets the stage for trend forecasting in this multi-billion-dollar industry. We see the chance to influence the course of future sex as now.