Providing Solutions in the Rapidly Changing World of Sextech


As a distinctly credentialed sex therapist with a bi-coastal presence, Dr. Richmond is at the forefront of investigating recent technological developments that impact sexual health and intimate relationships. Based on her research, including interviews with the leaders in the technology, healthcare and adult entertainment/pleasure sectors, there are numerous benefits to overall wellbeing  and relational health. She sees the possibility for greater connection through forward-thinking technology, advanced sex education, diminished sexual inhibitions and an increased capacity for empathy. The Next-Sex view—technosexuality enhances relationships and strengthens erotic fantasy, leading to empowerment and sexual self-efficacy.

Our work includes:

  • Script writing for VR and AR content in adult entertainment
  • Producing scripts/marketing material that blends adult entertainment and education
  • Consultation with adult entertainment, technology and sex education industries
  • New product development in Sextech industry
  • Citations/quotes for major media outlets
  • Authored articles for consumer publications and academic journals
  • Guest speaking engagements in both technology and sex education industries
  • Forthcoming Next-Sex book, which includes a detailed investigation of our research and trend forecasting in the technosexuality arena

Influencing The Course Of Future Sex

Dr. Holly Richmond