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This Action-Packed Sex Tip Could Lead to Better Orgasms

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(Pop Culture) If you’re still relying solely on your imagination to get off, it’s time to introduce your masturbation and sex habits to the 21st century, where virtual reality adult films are undeniably and unequivocally a thing.

Sex therapist Holly Richmond, Ph.D, pioneered the virtual reality adult film industry last year with Virtual Sexology, which is erotic virtual reality aimed toward helping men control and prolong their orgasms — making them last longer in bed. The film is porn company BaDoink VR’s most downloaded virtual reality film out of over 500 films.

Now, Richmond is steering her Virtual Sexology sights on women, a demographic largely ignored by adult film companies, putting them at the center of sexy, virtual videos. Read on to discover how Richmond and virtual reality can help you achieve a better orgasm.

VR is a more intimate way to explore

Richmond says that her second wave of VR porn is different because it focuses on the needs and fantasies of women, allowing them to explore their own kinks in an exclusive, safe space.

“Women have desires that need to be explored and these videos are a way for them to experiment and enjoy themselves — it’s a more intimate experience,” she told Forbes.

This sequel to the original Virtual Sexology flips the script on its head, focusing on the woman’s pleasure only — and a realistic version of it, at that.

The on-screen experiences are authentic

One virtual reality adult film company, Yanks VR, prides itself on producing videos that are all real sex — which means all the orgasms you see are authentic. And the women in the videos are more diverse in body type, skin color and tattoos than you’d typically find elsewhere.

Lily Campbell, the director and producer for Yanks VR, directs videos in a manner that’s aesthetically pleasing to women, avoiding everything from plot lines to camera angles that are typically tailored to the male viewer. While Yanks isn’t designed exclusively for women (it’s designed to appeal to everyone), its focus on authentic female pleasure is certainly a welcome idea for the ever-growing female adult film audience.

More and more women are watching VR erotica

Just like the overall adult film industry, women are the minority in the virtual reality erotica business — but that demographic is steadily growing.

“This is the year of women and VR porn,” says BaDoink VR director Dinorah Hernandez. “Most of our videos are made for men 18-30, but women are starting to be more open about their sexual fantasies — and VR — and this explores that.”

The growing female demand means that production companies will start to produce even more female-centered content, with more women running the show behind the scenes as well.

Just take it from Katie Morgan, a Virtual Sexology II actress. “Normally, I run to shower after a shoot. But I don’t feel dirty now, I feel satisfied.”

By Libby Birk

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